Inspirational Poem!

December 5, 2009

This is a little weird, I admit, I wrote this to myself because I was feeling glum.  But I thought it might make someone else feel a little better too…..?  So I posted it, it is cheezy.  Mmmmmmm.

its okay

that job just didn’t come naturally

there is a place where it will come naturally

you just have to find it

and once you find it

you will apply to it

because if it’s right, you will get it


just because you get it

doesn’t mean it will be right

so apply

keep the ball in your court

the ball is always in your court

and get the job you dream of

the rest will work itself out

everything will work out

even if it isn’t conventional

it will work out

if you keep working

you will eventually get what you want


and work

will get you to your happiness

and maybe a little medicine will line the path….

but who’s judging?


One Response to “Inspirational Poem!”

  1. brunette Says:

    its true man, just cast a wide net and the right fish will swim right in!!!

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