Meat Market… mmmm

September 30, 2009

meat marketApparently Union Pool is the place to get laid. I feel like we already knew that. 

Frankly, I like places with lots of singles. Couples sometimes make me feel sick (I’m feeling a tad cynical at the moment, so I apologies for my negativity) Even though I’m in a relationship now (at least, I think I am?) and the following doesn’t apply to my fellow skirt intelligentsias. But quite honestly, most couples aren’t any fun to be around, they’re smug, unfriendly, and do gross things like pick food out of each other’s teeth in public.

And if you make the mistake of being the 3rd, 5th or even 9th wheel while hanging out in a group, inevitably at some point in the night you’ll find yourself alone because everyone you know is throat deep in each other’s mouths. And when this happens, you better hope you’re at a place like Union Pool -so you can easily make new friends. Otherwise, you’re on your own baby and nursing a PBR alone at the bar is very depressing.

So yes, being single can suck. But I prefer the smell of intoxicating desperation to the stench of exclusive self-righteous condescension.


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