Caring Men and Their Astrological Signs

September 29, 2009

2821-1I don’t put much stock in Astrology, but sometimes it’s interesting to see patterns in behavior between astrological signs.

I, myself am a Leo, love attention, is prone to sleeping in, and respects a man who is good at what he does but doesn’t brag about his exploits.

I have dated an Aquarius (smart, articulate and dedicated to his passion, though a bit neurotic), 2 Libras (funny, musicians, and dedicated to their passions) and 2 Cancers (high metabolic energy, graphic designers… and dedicated to their passions).

Now that I think about it… all of those guys have pursued their passions to the point of much success. The Aquarius is already a published author and is working in psychiatry to help OCD people. Libra #1 is a producer at the Onion online, and Libra #2 is making decent music with his band, which is getting popular in metropolitan areas. Cancer #1 is working at a great graphic design job that I would give my left tit for. And Cancer #2 is my current boyfriend who can be a bit controlling, but I know will succeed at anything he puts his mind to.

Am I doomed to watch my exes work their way to success and glory while I rot in my state of unemployment? I went on another interview yesterday, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between the interviewer and my work. Sometimes that happens, you know? Just differing expectations.


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