September 27, 2009

First off.  I am hesitant to post only because I want to stare at that fat little man walking in place

Secondly, maybe you aren’t cursed so much as drawn to fertile and irresponsible young women.  What about THAT?  Plus, I don’t even think I would take full responsibility if someone else’s sperm got into one of MY eggs (although if it were my sperm….. nevermind), much less if it got into another lady’s egg – even if I shared a living space with her and her eggs.  Those sperm are tricky, and they are out to GET you.  They are like mosquito’s – hunting en masse for a live one, and it’ll take a mighty thick mosquito net to keep them where they belong – dead in a condom.  I think I’m mixing metaphors here, but you see where I’m going, I feel like your curse is akin to having friends who wander around in the woodland areas at night in minimal clothing without bug spray or those funny safari hats they wear in malarial areas who are then surprised when they discover that they are covered in bug bites.  To which I say to them and your roommates – dude, I could have told you that would happen.  Mosquitos and sperm, they are persistent.


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