Huge Things

September 25, 2009

hatersI like how our posts contain a running dialog, perhaps this will even demolish any need we have for gchat! …In a parallel universe.

But listen to this, I’ve had one of my worst fears confirmed today: I am cursed. And due to this knowledge, I can never have another female roommate again.

My curse is this, and a deadly one at that: anyone who ever lives with me will have an abortion. Irrational? Yes. But here are the facts. I had 2 college roommates during my time at school, and I know for a fact that they both had abortions within a year of each other. And now, my latest ex-roommate has divulged in her own blog that she, too, had one… exactly a week ago. Woah. So the act itself doesn’t have to occur during the time we live together, but it will eventually happen down the road, as if the abortion fairy takes a look at whoever I live with and says, “this one will bear the mark.” Two times is coincidence, but three times is a pattern!


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