Motivation: Like Fear but Positive

September 24, 2009

"I gotta get a better job"

"I gotta get a better job"

I’m down with swearing. As long as it’s not like crazy over the top trucker-on-meth style (Not that I know any truckers on meth, but I’d assume, as a group they’re big on gratuitous swearing)

But I feel you on the chicken shit thing. I complain A LOT, but haven’t taken any real action to change my rut-like situation. Which very loosely brings me to the subject of a Mob Boss in Italy who used his pet crocodile to intimidate people and extort money from them. Being chased by a man eating croc? Now THAT’S motivation! I mean really bad-ass, old school style, light-a-fire-under-your-ass motivation.

So here’s what I’m thinking: being that I, personally, have no real marketable skills (ability to communication clearly and proficiency in Microsoft Office just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore) that being said: Grueling poverty is like the croc and going to grad school is like not getting eaten. Now, I can’t guarantee that grad school will save us from a lifetime of entry-level servitude, but it brings me to a valid question: How can I get in on a slice of the sweet reptile money extortion pie?

Studying for the GREs sucks, but i I hope this post makes you feel better.


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