Chicken Shit

September 23, 2009

I too want to escape my hellish job into grad school.
I too need to take the GREs.
I too… marshmallows. In fact, favorite character? Girl who impulsively starts eating the marshmallow before the lady even finishes the instructions.

But….. I am le scared, or something. Can’t seem to convince myself for love nor money to just write a flipping cover letter (this blog post, however, I’m totes on top of). And perhaps even worse, my internal monologue goes something to the tune of “Whyyy meeeeee?!?!” ala Nancy Kerrigan in 1994. Which is fucked, because, duh, who else is going to screw me over by not writing a cover letter? These other two skirts aren’t stopping me. That dude over there….you see him, don’t pretend you don’t, he’s just chillin – not stopping me. This computer with wireless internet and Microsoft word – certainly not stopping me. The only asshole who’s stopping me, is me. What a fucking dick I am.


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